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Seven Creative Styles of Showing Kindness

Showing Kindness the Simple Way: Seven Creative Styles

1) FORGIVE SOMEONE WHO HAS HURT YOU When you forgive someone, you express gratitude for the opportunity to experience compassion for someone else.

2) DONATE CLOTHING TO THE NEEDY Choosing to donate is not only kind, but also a way to cherish your own blessings

3) MAKE A LIST OF SOMEONE’S GOOD TRAITS Every time you notice something wonderful about someone else, write it down. Don’t keep those thoughts to yourself!

4) PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY WHEN YOU’RE WITH PEOPLE If you want to make sincere relationships, forget about digital distractions. Listen, laugh, and talk with the people you are with. Seize the moment!

5) SEND LETTERS TO THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE Sounds old school, but a handwritten letter is a beautiful way to show love, appreciation, gratitude, and kindness.

6) PICK UP AND THROW AWAY LITTER WHEN YOU SEE IT It’s a small act, but if we all did it, the world would be a much better (and cleaner!) place. It’s kindness to the planet and to the future.

7) SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH OTHERS Sharing what we know is not only kindness, but also a form of gratitude for that knowledge.