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10 Signs You Are Truly Happy

10 Signs You Are Truly Happy

1) Daily Exercise Happy people are more likely to engage in health-promoting behaviors.

2) Happy Friends Each additional happy friend you have increases your probability of being happy by about 9%.

3) Smart Thrills Happy people are content with reality, and understand that reckless leads to wreck more.

4) Enough Sleep Unhappiness hinders sleep, and a low stress level promotes a good night's sleep.

5) Self-trust Those who constantly doubt their own judgment are especially prone to a wide range of psychological problems.

6) Live in the now When people's minds drift from the task or activity at hand, they are less happy than when fully engaged in whatever they are doing.

7) Gratitude Instead of focusing on what you don't have, recognize and make the best use of your own gifts.

8) Bounce back A baseline level of contentment is an emotional safe-harbor. Happy people leave occasionally for bouts of blues or bliss, but are able to return easily and naturally rather than constantly swinging from despair to euphoria.

9) Get unplugged. Want to be happier? Turn off the television. Disconnect from social media even for a while.

10) Smile. Happy people smile from the inside, their mouths turning up at the edges without their control.